Feb. 5th, 2011


Feb. 5th, 2011 05:55 am
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Even now, days after the experience, my hands are cold and shaking while writing this. But I can not sleep until this is done. I was up until 6am this morning avoiding this. But tonight, after spending time with my friends and chosen family, I have the strength & motivation to try and make more sense of this. This is more deeply personal to me than anything I've ever discussed here or elsewhere. I write here, and will leave this post unlocked, not because I am seeking approval or have any desire to expose something so intimate to the "public" eye, but because I feel it wise that I leave the opportunity open for the insight and experience of others. I am so far out of my element here that it physically hurts. I ask for your patience, because if you've read my writings, I usually just think out loud. In contrast, I have chosen my words very carefully here in order to most accurately reflect what is going on. Be aware that one of my greatest fears right now is that I will expose her, and stones will be thrown, driving her away forever. That statement will make more sense later should you continue to read.  What is under the cut is a head first plunge into what I feel is the beginning of my awakening to **my** spirituality. 

The wolf within )

And now I'm tired, but more importantly I'm calm. Centered even. Sleep should be pretty easy.


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