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Intermediate/Advanced Sampler:

Workout 1. AMRAPing 

Warm up:
2 times through:
Inch Worm to Push Up: 10
Sprints on the Spot: 30 seconds
Squat Jumps: 10

Main Set: 
As Many Rounds as possible in 7 minutes
·Tuck Jumps - 14 reps
·Russian Twist - 14 reps@10-20# med ball or plate (each rotation to a side counts as a rep, so R+L=2)
·Toe Taps 40 taps 
·Pushups - 20 reps (start with a more difficult pushup position, then adjust as fatigue sets in)

Workout 2. Highway to Heaven

Warm Up:
Lunges With Rotation: 10 each side
Bear Crawl: 30 seconds
Prone Crobra: 12
Single Leg Bridge: 12 each leg

Main Set:         
*First set 15 seconds each, Second Set 25 seconds, Third Set 35 Sec, Fourth Set 25 Seconds, Fifth Set 15 Sec*
Tuck Jumps:
Sprints on the Spot:
Side Crunch to Burpee:
Diverbomber Push Ups:
Ski Jump to Cross Back Lunge:
Tricep Push Up to Frogger:

Workout 3. One Thousand  

Warm Up:      
Inch Worm to Push Up: 10 
Plank Row to Rotation 10 reps
Single Leg Deadlift 10 reps each leg
Lunges With Rotation: 10 each side 
Main Set: 
Complete 10 reps of each exercise, then move on to the next exercise.  You will complete 10 sets each exercise.  Take breaks when you need them.  Keep track of your time and try to improve on it next time a 1000 rep workout day comes around. 
Basketball Lunge to Press 5 reps each leg
Walkout Pushup to Swivel 10 reps
Ski Jump to Single Leg Squat 5 reps each leg
Turkish Get Ups (Alternate sides) 5 each side
Tuck Jumps: 10 reps
Single Leg Bridge:  5 reps each side
Modified V Ups 10 reps
Tricep Push Up to Frogger:  10 reps
Let Me Ins 10 reps
Side Plank with Leg Lift 5 reps each side

Workout 4. As the World Turns (Rotational Day)

Warm Up:      
Lunge Cross Chops 12ea
Plank Row Rotation 12ea
Prone Crobra:  12
Bear Crawl 30 seconds
Main Set:
Complete as many rounds of this as you can in 20 min.  
Walkout Pushup to Swivel     10 reps each side
Around the World Lunge       5 reps
Side Crunch Burpee             10 reps each side
Ski Jump Cross Back Lunge 10 reps each side
Spiderman Plank                   12 reps each side
Lunges With Rotation:           10 reps each side


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